Erik the Flutemaker's 'The Counselor'

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This handmade flute called 'The Counselor' has been crafted by Erik the Flutemaker. The flute is fully made of bamboo. It is played like a western flute, blown from the side and held horizontally. It requires a little practice to get comfortable playing such an instrument.

The Counselor sounds deeper and lower than its consorts, the Vivaldi Minor the Small Minor. This flute is tuned to itself, meaning that it doesn't correpsond with a regular instrument tuned to A440, but it sounds beautifully in tune when playing solo.

How to play this flute?

  • Aim your airflow against the edge of the embouchure hole
  • This requires some practice and patience
  • The flute is held horizontally, this too requires some practice
  • There's 6 fingerholes on top, and no thumbhole on the back
  • Cover the holes with the pad of the fingers, not the fingertips

The musical possibilities

  • This flute easily plays in the harmonic-minor scale
  • It is also possible to play notes outside of this scale
  • This is done by half-covering fingerholes
  • The flute has a reach of 2 octaves


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