Erik the Flutemaker Chinese Flute

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This handmade Chinese Flute has been crafted by Erik the Flutemaker. The flute is completely made out of bamboo. It is played in a similar way to the western flute, as you blow from the side and hold the flute horizontally. It requires a little practice to get comfortable playing such an instrument.

The Chinese Flute is tuned to itself, meaning that it doesn't correpsond with a regular instrument tuned to A440, but it sounds beautifully in tune when playing solo.

How to play this flute?

  • Aim your airflow against the edge of the embouchure hole
  • This requires some practice and patience
  • The flute is held horizontally, this too requires some practice
  • There's 5 fingerholes on top, and a thumbhole on the back
  • Cover the holes with the pad of the fingers, not the fingertips

The musical possibilities

  • Anything you play will have an eastern / Chinese character to it
  • That's because of the intervals between the notes
  • The flute has a reach of approximately 2 octaves


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